Smartphone Addiction Tips | Smartphone Addiction Solution

Smartphone Addiction Tips | Smartphone Addiction Solution
Learn the solution to your smartphone addiction.

In this video we discuss Smartphone addiction tips.Your Smartphone gives you so much opportunity and functionality, but in the end you have to make sure that you don’t become addicted to your smartphone.

Smartphone addiction has become a serious worldwide problem. Smartphone usage determines your smartphone habits and if you don’t want to become addicted to your smartphone you have to use it effectively.

That’s why I share some tips on how I deal with it that will benefit you:

1. Turn off all your push notifications. The more of them you have turned ON, the more time you will spend on your phone.

2. Keep only the applications you need on your phone. From time to time I do a phone cleanup and delete all applications that I feel kill too much of my time.

3. Use ‘Do not disturb’ mode on your phone. It really helps when you are working on something and don’t want to be disturbed at all.

You can choose to stay addicted or break your smartphone addiction. I know it’s hard because the damn thing is always in our pockets but for you to be the best version of yourself.

Think about it – when you eat, study or work you can always choose to distract yourself with the latest Facebook or Twitter posts but we have to make a conscious decision to not go down that path.

I hope this video give some valuable tips on how to break your smartphone addiction.

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